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Walking Shoes

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<h2>Walking Shoes</h2>Whether you're putting in a 5K's worth of walking while shopping, hitting the treadmill for a targeted walking workout, or power walking on an outdoor path, you need shoes with enough support and traction to get you where you're going. Reebok offers a variety of options that deliver the flexibility and comfort you want, at any speed or distance.<h5>Lightweight Cushioning</h5>Breathability is crucial for keeping you comfortable and energized. DMX technology, found in shoes like the <a class="gl-link" href="/us/walk_ultra">Walk Ultra</a>, cushions your feet with moving air that boosts comfort in every step and adapts to your stride. With wide sizes available, you're sure to find just the right fit for you.<h5>Stylish Look</h5>Going from lunchtime walk to business casual meeting doesn't require a quick shoe change, thanks to athleisure options. Everyday comfort and lasting durability blend with DMX technology for custom cushioning and sporty style.<h5>Versatility</h5>It doesn't matter if you're walking across the city or just across the parking lot — you need sturdy traction and freedom of motion. Walking shoes designed for extra grip give you everyday comfort with the right mix of stability and flexibility. Shop our selection of <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-walking-shoes">men’s walking shoes</a> and <a class="gl-link" href="/us/women-walking-shoes">women’s walking shoes</a> online today to find the right pair for you.