With a 130-year legacy of designing running shoes, experience our latest innovations that comfortably support the ways you run, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out.


Reebok Running Shoes

As a runner, you know there are a plethora of different runs—base, long distance, recovery, hills, intervals…and more. It’s why Reebok has designed different sneakers with different features to support each kind of run. So, if you’re a runner, there’s a Reebok running shoe for you.

How to choose a Reebok running shoe?

Think about how you run. Do you need a reliable comfortable shoe for daily runs or one that’s more responsive to the trail terrain? Do you need more support for long runs or technology for speed and racing? Do you need multiple pairs for different types of running? It’s up to your running style and intentions—thinking about this is a good first step to finding your shoe.

Road running, Varied Terrain, Distance or Speed

Road running, varied terrain running, distance running and speed running are four categories of running and determining which way(s) you run, can be a good starting point to find your pair of Reebok running shoes. Each Reebok running shoe is designed to suit different needs because the support and comfort you need can vary depending on how you run.

The Best Shoes for Road Running and Daily Running

For road running, you want stability and a whole lot of cushion. That’s why we designed (and recommend) FloatZig 1 to be your daily running shoe. With bouncy, springy and responsive Floatride Energy foam cushioning in the Zig design, you get a lot of underfoot comfort, energy return and a smooth transition. It’s also lightweight and flexible as you roll through your foot. FloatZig 1 is best for running on sidewalks, paved trails, roads and treadmills. Plus, breathable engineered mesh with reflective overlays keep the air flowing and allows extra visibility during night runs.

The Best Shoes for Trail Running

When it comes to varied terrain and trail running, you want a durable running shoe with a more rugged outsole to provide support and traction on uneven and even loose terrain. That’s why FloatZig 1 Adventure is designed with a rugged lugged rubber outsole for enhanced traction. It also features a dual density midsole for extra stability and support, plus Floatride Energy foam cushioning.

The Best Shoes for Distance Running

For distance running, extra support and responsive cushioning are key. If you’re going for high mileage each run (think 5 miles or more), the best Reebok running shoe for you is the supportive FloatZig Symmetros. A dual density midsole offers increased support and stability as your feet hit the pavement on long runs and Floatride Energy beaded TPU foam cushioning keeps it comfortable. The breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet from getting too warm. And, an elevated stack height puts more foam underfoot for high mileage running.

The Best Shoes for Speed Running

If you train for speed and fast running, the carbon plated FloatZig X1 is the racing shoe for you. Lightweight and flexible, this premium running shoe features a full-length carbon plate to help propel you forward.

Other Points to Consider

Your foot naturally rolls inward when you run—that’s called pronation—but many people roll too far in or out (that’s overpronation vs underpronation). This can lead to imbalance and unnecessary pressure on your feet. Find grounded sneakers that help balance your step so you’re more even. Also, measure your foot before buying a new pair. Often a new shoe can fit differently, and experts say to get a half size larger, especially because your foot swells as you run.