Site Usage Statistics Settings - Opt Out/Opt In

Last updated: 10/3/17

Site Usage Statistics Settings - Opt Out/Opt In

Our Coremetrics site usage statistics system allows you to view or change your profile. There are three levels of data collection:

  • Anonymous Visitor. This setting allows Coremetrics to anonymously capture the visitor's Web actions (including the data collected in Coremetrics reporting). All actions are grouped with all other anonymous visitors.
  • Total Opt-Out. The data is not collected by Coremetrics' data collection front-end servers and, consequently, is not included in Coremetrics reporting.
  • Cancel Opt-Out. This setting will again allow Coremetrics to capture all Web actions and includes the data collected in Coremetrics reporting.

View your current opt-out status

Change your current opt-out option:

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