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<h2>Men's Shoes</h2>Our men’s sneakers were made for every body. It doesn’t matter if your running your first block or your tenth marathon, Reebok men’s shoes are designed to set the pace for every day action.<p>Which men’s shoe is best for you?</p><h5>Men's Walking Shoes</h5>The best men's walking shoes let you take on a full range of daily activities. Reebok walking shoes help you set the pace for everyday action from running errands to strolling down office hallways. Explore the <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-walking-shoes"><u>walking collection</u></a> for more men’s shoe styles. For casual walking shoes, complete your look with our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/club_c">Club C 80s tennis shoes</a> offered in black and white colors easy to match any outfit.<h5>Men's Running Shoes</h5>Going the distance (long or short) is the number one priority when Reebok designs running shoes. Check out the award winning <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-floatride"><u>Floatride</u></a>, Reebok’s best high-performance men’s running shoe made for long distances. Prefer a short sprint? Explore the <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-running-shoes"><u>running shoe collection</u></a> for additional high-performance men’s sneakers.<h5>Men's Classic Shoes</h5>A Classic never goes out of style. Our men’s classic shoes offer old school vibes with a modern twist. For a wider range of men’s sneakers that celebrate Reebok’s heritage check out our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-classics-shoes">classics shoe collection</a>. Also shop our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/high_top">high top sneakers</a> available in a variety of colors and style to match any everyday outfit. For a retro style with vintage-inspired design, check out our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/aztrek-shoes">Aztrek 90s sneakers.</a><h5>Men's CrossFit® Shoes</h5><a class="gl-link" href="https://www.reebok.com/us/men-crossfit-shoes">Reebok’s Men’s CrossFit shoes</a> offer the best support in the box so you can focus on deadlifts and crushing your WOD. Our collection includes the Nano 9 CrossFit shoe designed with a new flexweave upper, added midsole cushioning, and a decoupled outsole to improve heel-to-toe movement. New to CrossFit? No problem. Read our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/blog/370957-the-best-crossfit-shoes-for-men-in-2019">2019 Men's CrossFit Shoes Guide</a> to find the right pair for your workout.<h5>Men's Training Shoes</h5>Our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-training-shoes"><u>men’s training shoes</u></a> come in a wide range of colors and styles and are built to handle an even wider range of lifting and speed drills. Just a beginner? No problem. Reebok offers a range of men’s sneakers engineered for every type of athlete.<h5>If The Men's Shoe Fits</h5>Training, CrossFit, walking or everyday wear—not all men’s sneakers are alike. A men’s shoe fit relies heavily on the activity and the person.<p>For athletic activities, your men’s shoe should have a locked-in feel at the heel, breathability and the toes should not hit the front. Read our guide on the <a class="gl-link" href="/us/blog/373559-best-gym-shoes-for-men-whats-right-for-your-workout">Best Gym Shoes For Men</a> to find the pair for you.</p><p>Reebok offers you a variety of men’s shoes and men’s sneakers in standard sizes. Select models of men’s shoes and men’s sneakers are offered in extra wide sizes.</p>