Learn more about Reebok’s newest athlete partner, American Football Star Justin Fields. Reebok sat down with Fields to chat all things sports, favorite Reebok training gear, most memorable childhood sports moment, and more.

What inspired you to partner with Reebok?
There were many things that stood out and inspired me to partner with Reebok. Of course, the brand’s legacy in sports and the huge impact they’ve had on culture, legends AI and Shaq who I can’t wait to work with more, and Reebok’s plan to expand back into the Sports world really excited me.

I was inspired to partner with Reebok because it was different, they want to do things differently, and I’m excited to see what we’ll do together!

What’s your go-to Reebok gear for training? Go-to for street-style?
For training in the weight room, I wear the Nano X3 which provides me with all the support needed for my workouts. On the track, I love running in the Floatride Energy X, they actually make you feel like you’re floating, they help you run faster, feel faster.

For style, I throw on the Classic Leathers…they’re dependable and you can wear them with anything. Always rocking the AI’s and Question Mids too.

Being an extremely mobile quarterback, how do you train for strength and conditioning?
As a dual threat quarterback, you always want to keep your speed and agility up. Doing a bunch of speed work on the track is a big priority. Squats, single-leg step ups, RDLs to keep the legs strong too.

Which athletes do you admire and why?
Allen Iverson. AI has influenced culture so much and is a great overall athlete who has all his own swagger to him. He wasn’t your stereotypical player, but he still balled out which made him even more admirable.

What do you think makes a great athlete?
Of course, you have to be athletic, but I think the biggest part is the emotional side of it. Connecting your body and mind as one, being dedicated and having the mentality to go through the highs and lows without giving up.

Being a great athlete requires you to run fast and jump high, but it really comes down to your mindset and the confidence and the belief you have in yourself.

Any hobbies or interests outside of sports?
I just picked up reading again, trying to read more is on my list. To relax, I love to bowl as well, or hopping on the lake and chilling out on the boat.

Favorite youth sports moment?
My favorite sports moment growing up was definitely winning the Cooperstown 12U baseball tournament back in the day.

It was the first pitch of the championship game, and I was starting pitcher. My buddy sacked it out of the whole stadium and got a homerun off me. Not the start I was expecting but I had to reel it in and we ended up winning it all.

Any advice to share with young athletes?
Work hard. The sport you’re going to go the furthest in is the one you love. Not everything’s going to come easy but if you hit adversity, learn, and grow from it. Adversity will help you in the long run well beyond sports.


Footwear: Nano X3 Shoes

Top: Reebok Identity Classics T-Shirt, Classics Vector Track Jacket

Bottom: Strength 3.0 Shorts

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