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The legacy evolves with a re-engineered Flexweave upper and an extra padded midsole for running. It’s truly a Nano for All.

Nano 9

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<h2>Reebok CrossFit Nano 9: Designed For All</h2>The CrossFit community spoke, and Reebok listened. After taking into consideration all of the dynamic moves that are thrown at you during CrossFit, Reebok came up with the Nano 9. A CrossFit shoe truly designed to take on any drill. Yes, any drill.<p>To learn more about Nano 9, <a class="gl-link" href="/us/crossfit_nano">click here</a>. Also hear one of our Reebok designers speak about the difference between the Nano 8 and Nano 9, <a class="gl-link" href="/us/blog/363546-the-man-behind-the-nano-9-answers-all-of-your-questions-about-the-shoes-new-features">watch here</a>.</p>