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<h2>Men's Athletic Shorts</h2>Get the most of your workout with the correct men’s athletic shorts. Reebok’s men’s workout shorts are developed and designed with a specific activity in mind.<h5>New | Compression Shorts</h5>The latest range of men’s workout shorts to be added to our range of athletic apparel are <a class="gl-link" href="/us/compression-shorts">compression shorts</a>. These particular men’s gym shorts have been developed so you can perform at your limit by aiding circulation and blood flow to your muscles. They fit tightly around your body, so compression shorts also give you added support and protection. Warding off muscle strain, as well as protecting you from chaffing and rashes so you can be your best in comfort.<h5>Running Shorts</h5>You want a pair of men’s workout shorts that feel light, free and unrestricting – built for endurance and speed when you run. Ideally made of sweat-wicking and fast-drying fabric, including high-vis details for low-lit runs. But, most importantly, you need athletic shorts that keep up with you on the treadmill, track or the streets. No matter the pace. Visit our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-running-shorts">Men's Running Shorts</a> collection to shop a wide variety of styles and colors.<h5>Training Shorts</h5><a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-training-shorts">Men’s workout shorts</a> should help you stay cool, dry and comfortable as you push past your limits. Made of lightweight fabric that wicks away moisture with ease. All while staying secure so you can focus on your form. Giving you all the functionality and support you demand from men’s gym shorts made for training.<h5>MMA & Combat Shorts</h5>There’s more to these shorts than your average athletic shorts. <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-mma-shorts">MMA & combat shorts</a> are specifically engineered so you can dominate every moment in the octagon, ring or on the mat. They’re made to keep your body cool and dry in between rounds and sometimes feature high side slits for flexibility and quick reactions.<h5>Classic Shorts</h5>Love Reebok’s heritage style? Go for a Classic. Deeply influenced by old school style, our <a class="gl-link" href="/us/men-lifestyle-shorts">Classic shorts</a> draw inspiration on athletic shorts which are at home on the basketball court and the track. And other times, Reebok Classic shorts are just made for the streets.